Behind each memorial lies a unique, personal story and a personal drama. However, it also symbolizes freedom. Freedom for you and for us, paid for with the highest sacrifice imaginable. The ultimate proof that freedom cannot be taken for granted!

To keep the memory of our liberators alive, you can adopt one or more (groups/units) graves with the page ‘Adoption’. You can also chose to donate an amount with this page.

You donation contributes to the maintenance and increase of the data of the Gravenstichting Brabant.


Number of graves
Total adopted

Last updated
Mcgregor, C.W.
Morris, W.R.
Murray, D.E.
Moss, R.W.
Pearl, J.A.
Taylor, C.F.
Martin, W.
Gregory, W.P.
Smith, K.S.
Milton, A.T.

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