…..to the website of the Gravenstichting Brabant [the Graves Foundation of Brabant]. The Gravenstichting Brabant was founded to celebrate the special date of 18 September 2014, the date of the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Eindhoven.

The purpose of this foundation is to stimulate and draw attention to the adoption of graves on the allied cemeteries in Eindhoven. You can read more about the purpose, the composition of the board and ANBI [public benefit status] information under the menu “General”.

This website gives information about the allied liberators buried in the cemetery De Oude Toren and the Jewish cemetery in Eindhoven. We shall present as much information about our liberators as possible.

We invite you cordially to add to this information on the designated page! After all, all victims have their stories, no matter how short and simple.

You and we have the duty to ensure that these stories remain. Freedom can never be taken for granted!

Are you interested in the work of our foundation?

Please contact us!

We hope to see you again!!

Graves of allied liberators

Click here for an overview of graveyards and graves of allied liberators.

Adoption possibilities

Click here for to see the possibilities to adopt a grave.


Click here to see the possibilities to donate money without adoption.

Number of graves
Total adopted

Last updated
Mcgregor, C.W.
Morris, W.R.
Murray, D.E.
Moss, R.W.
Pearl, J.A.
Taylor, C.F.
Martin, W.
Gregory, W.P.
Smith, K.S.
Milton, A.T.

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