Lest we Forget

Graven Stichting

Internal rules of the Foundation

Allocating the adoption of a grave
Only the executive board of the Foundation is entitled to allocate a grave. An adoption is only valid after the adopting party has received a certificate signed by the chairman and the secretary of the Foundation.

Visiting the grave
The adopting party is expected to visit the grave several times a year. The adopting party shall himself determine the frequency of the visits

Laying flowers
The adopting party is expected to lay flowers on the grave regularly or on special occasions (for example 4 May Remembrance Day). Please follow the internal rules of the cemetery!

As contribution in the costs to be incurred by the Foundation, we request a minimal contribution of €15.00 annually for each adoption. If you want to support the Foundation with a higher amount, we shall of course be most grateful. Gifts are accepted by the tax authorities as tax-deductible.

If you want to donate or give an individual amount, please contact us!

You contribution can be sent to account NL76 RABO 0192031236 in the name of Gravenstichting Brabant, RSIN 854358195.