Lest we Forget

Graven Stichting

Method of operation

The Foundation is committed to stimulating the adoption of graves of allied liberators by civilians, schools, institutions and interested parties.

For this purpose several adoption programs were developed. Not only individual graves of liberators can be adopted (this will mostly be done by interested private persons) but also several graves of liberators who fought in the same unit.

For example, a school can use the adoption of several graves of an army unit to develop a teaching module about the events of that army unit or further investigate the events surrounding that unit. This adoption method is of course also open to companies or institutions.

Where does the Foundation get its funding?

The income of the Foundation is composed of the adoption programs, ‘separate’ donations (without a grave being adopted), grants, gifts and income from testamentary dispositions and bequests. The Foundation opened a bank account at the Rabobank to receive this funding. No cash is received.


The capital of the Foundation is only a bank account and a website. The Foundation has no inventory or any other material assets.

The capital of the Foundation can only be used for the purpose of its incorporation; if the Foundation is discontinued the capital can only be used for another foundation for the public benefit (ANBI Foundation).